Town of
Oneida County, NY

Linda M Hayes

Linda M Hayes

I moved to Steuben in 1980. I have worked on town roads plowing snow. I have worked as a town elections inspector. I also wrote my own cook book in Steuben. I'm married to William and have 2 grown children; a daughter - Heather and a son Ronald (married) to Madelaine, who attends the Culinary Institute of America. I also work at King Pin Lanes. My 1st Election was won by write-in vote.
I collect taxes from town land owners.
I do deposits and withdrawals and keep books. I dispurse moneys to town and county.

Land owners may bring in cash, check or money order. They get an immediate receipt.


On or After April 1st if anyone needs a copy of their taxes please contact Oneida County Finance. Phone# 315-798-5754


On any Parcels in the Town of Steuben that you need copies of Taxes paid contact Oneida County Finance. Phone # 315-798-5754