Town of
Oneida County, NY

April 11, 2011: April 2011 Newsletter





Steuben Sand and Salt CoverAll

Highway Superintendent

             Fifth hardest winter on record.  It came early and seemed to snow almost everyday, but things went well for us.  No major brake downs.  I think the biggest problem we had was the one bad Saturday with all the wind.  A tree fell across the power line on the way into the sand building and we could not get trucks in or out until National Grid came 5 hours later to clear the tree.  On a day like that we all want our power fixed first and someone has to wait and it was us.

             This winter was the first time in seven years that we had a man on nights.  It seemed to work well as Chris McMullen was able to keep the hills and main road clear and also help to keep over time down.  The men started to plow one hour earlier than years past, but most times only had to call in two men instead of all four.

             At this time the men are starting to sweep the roads and take some of the plows and sander off the trucks.  We must leave some on, it is only April and we can still get some snow on the hills.

             This summer the major road work will be done on the Evans Road.  Some of the other roads that we schedule to have work done on them is, French, Fraiser, Crowell, and Roberts. Thank you for your support and look forward to further serving you.   Edward Grogan


Assessment Information

Pat Roser, Assessor.  Hours Thursday 10;00 am to 2;00 pm.  You can also call Pat at 315-865-5087 on Thursdays.

Assessments rolls, assessments, exemptions, maps, and parcel information available at the Town Hall.

Town Justice Information

Roger Maclaughlin, Town Justice.  Court is every Tuesday nights at 7;00 pm and every 3rd Tuesday of the month is DA night and Court.  Please call at 315-865-5508.  Fax number 865-5522.

Planning Board Members

Arnold Talgo, Chairmen

Joseph Rowlands

Louis Ruggiero

Benjamin Simons

Terry Dean, Secretary           

                 The planning board members are working on the comprehensive plan-that is, we look at what the town was in the past, where we are now and where we want to go in the future.  We are also working on identifying the inventory of roads, homes, farms, forestland, and natural resources of our town, slow process.

                  Planning Board is Looking for our residences to come and sit in on our meetings, 2nd Thursday of the month starting at 6:00 pm at the Town Hall.  We would appreciate your comments.

                 All planning board members are continuing to take training on issues and laws that will affect our town now and in the future.                   Thank you, Ben Simons, Planning Board Member.

Solar Project

Installation of Solar Panels started on April 8, 2011


A note from our Town Clerk

Christian Anken

           Do you love your best friend? Do you want your dog back if it's lost? Do you want your dog and family protected from rabies?  Did you know rabies is deadly? BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER: Vaccinate your dog against rabies.  Contact the Town Clerk & License your dog It's the Law: Dogs must be licensed in New York.  And proof of rabies vaccination must be on file with the Town Clerk.

             NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets will no longer provide dog tags, issue license renewals, or maintain dog licensing data.  Municipalities are currently authorized to issue dog licenses and will assume the dog licensing function and will be sending out renewal notices, and issue dog license tags, and keeping dog licensing data.

             Dog Licensing can be obtained by  the Town Clerk or Town Secretary.  Fees for Spayed /Neutered Dogs $9.00, Unspayed /Unneutered Dogs are $20.00.  If the Town does a dog enumeration, a fee of $25.00 shall be assessed, in addition to the dog license fees, for dogs found to be unlicensed or not renewed at the time the enumeration is conducted.  A license cannot be renewed more than 30 days prior to the current expiration date.  Your dog must be licensed in the Town of residence. 

             Thank you.  Have a great Spring and enjoy the Summer.