Town of
Oneida County, NY

April 10, 2009: SPRING 2009


Phone: 315-865-5087



2009 Rabies Clinics

Oneida County Health Department

Utica, NY  13501, phone: 315-798-5064.

4/15/09 at the Camden Fire House 6-8 pm.

4/23/09 at the New Hartford Rec. Center 5-7 pm.

6/18/09 at the Boonville Fairgrounds 6-8 pm.

6/25/09 at the Rome City Hall 6-8 pm.

9/16/09 at Vienna Highway Garage 5-7 pm.

10/1/09 at the County DPW in Oriskany 5;30-7:30 pm.

All cats, dogs, and ferrets 3 months or older must be vaccinated, even if they stay indoors.  Every dog and cat needs two rabies vaccinations 1 year apart, then one every 3 years.  Bring the pet's vaccination history to receive a 3 year certificate.  Ferrets must be vaccinated every year!  Dogs should be on a leash, and cats and ferrets should be in a carrier or pillowcase.  No exams will be given a $10.00 donation per pet is suggested to defray costs.

Be a responsible owner and vaccinate your pet!

Check us out!!!

Please visit out our Wed Site.  There is information, events up and coming for our Town.  Town wide survey results are posted there.  Pictures to look at, repairs, seniors, and presentation to our Town.  All permits, Local Laws, and Officials.

Meetings and Activities for 2009

1.          Second Thursdays of every month Town Board Meetings starting at 7:30 pm.

2.          Second Thursdays of every month Town Planning Board Meetings starting at 6:00 pm.

3.          Seniors Meetings First Tuesdays and third Tuesdays of every month staring at 12:00 noon.  Helen Lewis 315-865-5087

4.          Steuben Senior's First Community Sale, April 18th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

5.          Chicken barbecue April 25th at 4:00 pm, Benefit for Steuben Methodist Church.

6.          Strawberry Festival June 24th at 4:00 pm.

7.          Old Home Days, August 22nd.  Special Church Service at 10:00 am on the 23rd.

8.          Pomona Grange Roast Beef Supper September 26th at 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

9.          Social Pleasures Dinner Show, October 22, 23, 24, at 6:00 pm and 25 at 1:00 pm.                                 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Help Desk

Town of Steuben, this is Debra Rockwood and I am here to help you.  Contact me Monday thru Friday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Phone 315-865-5087

Supervisor's Message:

The past year has been very busy.  The Board set goals and I think were able to accomplish many of them.  We applied for and got a Fema Grant to put a backup Generator system in the Town Hall and Highway Garage.  We are now able to provide services even if we loose power.  The Town Hall parking lot was paved making a safer access to our Town Offices.  The Town Hall roof was repaired and should be good for many years.  We purchased and demolished The Old Grange Hall making a much safer intersection for the traveling public.  We applied for and got an energy grant to update the lighting, hot water and heating systems in our Town Buildings. This will start this summer and will reduce our energy cost.  We have applied for a Sara Grant to update the Supervisor's and Assessor's day to day records, it will make them easier to access  and to work with. 

The Town has had a spill problem since 1991.  We have started the clean up and are working with DEC to correct this problem.  Thanks to the Planning Board a Town wide Survey was sent out with an excellent return.  The Town Board has received the survey and all comments and will be using the results in planning for the future.  The 2009 Town budget will allow for growth and a good highway program with no increase in the tax rate, and Town is debt free.  Should you have any questions please E-mail me at ( or call 315-865-5087

L. Daniel Carpenter, Supervisor

What's happening in Steuben 

A note from our Town Clerk, Christina Anken

Glad to see the snow gone and the green grass coming back after the winter.  Think Green!  "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors: we borrow it from our children."-Native American Proverb

Any family member that is serving his or her country over seas let the Town clerk know, we will put their name on the wall next to the others that are serving their Country.  (Wall of Honor.)  God bless America and God bless our Troops.

Town Clerk Information

Parking permits for people with disabilities can be issued by the Clerk to qualifying town residents.  Have your doctor fill out the Medical Certification, Part II, on the application for License Plates and Parking Permits for people with Severe Disabilities.  This form is available at the Town Clerk's Office.  A permanent or temporary permit is issued to any person with a qualifying disability and the permit may be used in any vehicle in which that person is riding.

Fishing and Hunting licenses, and dog licenses, renewals, applications are issued through the Town Clerks Office.  The Cost is $2.50 spayed or neutered dog; or $10.50 unsprayed and un-neutered; and must have current rabies certificate.  All dogs, cats, and ferrets 3 months or older Must be vaccinated for rabies, even if they stay inside.  Every dog and cat needs 2 rabies vaccinations 1 year apart, then every 3 years.  Every dog owned or harbored in NYS for longer than 30 days must be licensed.  Dogs over three months must be licensed.

To apply for a Marriage License please call the Town Clerk to make an appointment.  Fee for license is $40.00 and may be used 24 hours after issuance and for 60 days thereafter.

Message from the Highway Superintendent

As many of you many be aware the Town of Steuben Highway Garage suffered a fire in January.  Our 2002 International truck caught on fire during the night and was a total loss.  The garage received a lot of smoke and heat damage.  At this time the garage is almost back in order.  It has been rewired with new lights on one side and the entire garage has been repainted.  Due to damage, many of the power tools were replaced also.  We are waiting for two new front doors to replace the old ones and the fire alarm to be completed, then the garage will be finished.  The truck is being replaced with a 2010 Mack, which was purchased from Utica Mack.  As I am writing this the truck is being made and should be at the dealer in early April, then it will be sent to Viking Snow Plow to have the equipment and dump box put on.

It seems that winter has lost its grip for now in Steuben.  The men are currently out sweeping the roads and filling in potholes.  We are also cutting brush back before the leaves come out.  Due to the large cost increase in oil, last year I had to cut the paving project in half, which only allowed us to do one half mile.  The prices are back to normal this year and if they remain stable we will be able to finish the Bethel Road project.  We are also planning to oil and stone Smith Road, Jones Road, and complete the top part of Dole Road.

Edward Grogan, Town Highway Superintendent        Phone: 315-865-5259

Councilman Committees

Alan Jones serve on Generator purchase, Rules of Decorum, fire contracts, and water for Town Hall.

Bruce Holck serve on Rules of Decorum, fire contracts, and Labarge Joint Recreation committee.

Troy Finn serve on roof problem, spill problem, and Teamster contract.

Leslie Dean serve on spill problem, Labarge Joint recreation committee, Teamster contract, and Generator purchase.

Building Permits, septic permits, mobile home permits, voter registration forms, death certificates, and information on Town Laws, etc. are available through the Town Clerk's Office.  Phone: 315-865-5087, hours 6-8 pm on Monday and Thursday.  Other times by appointment.


Assessment Information

Pat Roser, Assessor.  Hours Thursday 10;00 am to 2;00 pm.  You can also call Pat at 315-865-5087 on Thursdays.

Taxable status deadline for filing all exemptions is March 1st.  May 1st Tentative Roll, Grievance Day 4th Wednesday in May 3:00 to 5:00 pm and 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  "What to do if you disagree with your assessment" booklet can be picked up at the Town Hall  from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm  weekdays or www.   Final Roll and Valuation date July 1st.

Assessments rolls, assessments, exemptions, maps, and parcel information available at the Town Hall.

The Level of Assessment for the 2009 roll will be 100%.  As a result, the taxpayer will again enjoy 100% of their exemptions.  After analysis of the real estate market sales, there will be no increases in the assessments of any of the major types this year.

Town Justice Information

Roger Maclaughlin, Town Justice.  Court is every Tuesday nights at 7;00 pm and every 3rd Tuesday of the month is DA night and Court.  Please call at 315-865-5508.  Fax number 865-5522.

Planning Board Members

Arnold Talgo, Chairmen

Joseph Rowlands

Lewis Gage

Benjamin Simons

Terry Dean, Secretary