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Oneida County, NY
 Community Groups 

Steuben Grange #1471

9458 Soule Rd
Remsen, NY 13438

Steuben Grange #1471 was organized on Aug. 25, 1920 . There were 30 charter members. The first officers elected were; Master Jerry Meeker; Historian, Mary Slorah; Secretary, E. Kent Evans. Other officers, except Lecturer, were elected on Sept. 7, 1920. The hall was rented from Mr. James for $5.00, per month. He later sold the building to the grange. Mary Slorah, the first janitor, donated her services. Later, she was paid $1.00 per meeting, Grange dues were $1.20 per year. The grange was incorporated Feb. 1, 1921.

After the building was purchased, grange members raised money to pay for the building, by presenting plays.

Members attended meetings regularly in spite of bad roads and snowstorms. Members from South Hill sometimes put their horses in Glenn Colemanís barn. On Jan. 4, 1938, there were 60 members present for the regular meeting.

Repairs were made and an addition to the building was started in 1929. The State Master, Fred Freestone, dedicated the hall in July 1930. The attendance was 173.

In 1930, Rev. Meyers requested the use of the hall for a newly formed Community Club. Meetings were well attended. An interesting program was presented. Romeís Police Chief was the speaker at one of the meetings.

The Juvenile Grange was formed with Minnie Coleman acting as the first Matron. The organization was active until 1938.

In June 1931, the grange started an orchestra. The original members were: Sarah Hayes, Karl and Willis Yutzler, Lyle Parkhurst, Robert Ingersoll, Harold Sigenthaler, and Ada Parkhurst. Dancing was held after grange, and good music was provided.

The grange fair, a two evening event, began in 1930. Roast pork was served one evening and chicken the other evening., Supper was $.50 for adults and $.25 for children. Booths were set up for vegetables, candy (home made) , fancy work, and fish pond. In 1936, the fair was held for only 1 night.

The grange has served the youth as well as adults through the years. The juvenile grange was evidence of this. In 1945, a juke box was purchased. In 1949, a movie projector and screen were obtained at a cost of $230.00 . Halloween and Christmas parties were held.

In recent years, the grange, like all other organizations, has fewer members attending. There are still some who carry on the work started many years ago. The community can be proud of the accomplishments of the Grange.